A Unit-Aware Matrix Language and its Application in Control and Auditing

Paul Griffioen

Promotor: prof.dr. P. Klint (UvA and CWI)
Co-promotor: dr. P.I. Elsas (ComputationalAuditing)
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Date: 29 October, 2019
Thesis: PDF


Support for units of measurement is the main topic of the research project described in this thesis. In this interdisciplinary project, knowledge from the fields of computing and auditing is combined to investigate the possibilities of unit-aware organization modeling. Such modeling also requires computations in proper units of measurement and thus a unit-aware programming language. The first part of this thesis describes a unit-aware matrix type based on dimensioned linear algebra that infers principle types for linear algebra expressions. In the second part the matrix type is used to construct unit-aware value cycle models from the field of control and auditing.