IPAndemic Friday March 26th 2021

The first IPA online event (IPAndemic event, if you will) will take place Friday, March 26th, starting at 13:00 (social chat open at 12:30).

We have lined up speakers from IPA’s three ‘blood groups’ (Software Engineering; Formal Methods; Algorithmics & Complexity), and the afternoon will also feature introductory talks by some of the many IPA PhD students who joined IPA in the last year, as well as ample breaks and other opportunities to foster interaction.

After the last talk, the social chat (2D audio/video SpatialChat) will stay open, but it’ll be `bring your own drink’.


12:30 Social chat open

13:00 Opening — Loek Cleophas (IPA research school)

13:05–13:35 Tim Ophelders (Eindhoven University of Technology) (One of two winners of the IPA Dissertation Award 2019) — Continuous Similarity Measures for Curves, Surfaces, and Beyond: There are various ways to measure the similarity between two shapes. For simple shapes, such as two points in the plane, there is an obvious way to measure their similarity: just compute their straight-line distance. For more complex shapes, there is not always an obvious way to measure similarity, as different approaches may suit different applications. We highlight a few similarity measures, and investigate their computational complexity.

13:35–13:45 PhD intro talk: Hossain Muctadir (Eindhoven University of Technology)

13:45–13:55 PhD intro talk: Hans-Nikolai Viessmann (Radboud University)

13:55–14:05 PhD intro talk: Tannaz Zameni (University of Twente)

25 min. break (social chat open)

14:30–15:00 Vadim Zaytsev (University of Twente) — Software Productisation: Do not look for this phase of software lifecycle in any books: it is not found in waterfall, nor in agile, nor in anything in between. To productise a piece of software means to make a proper product out of it, to let it intentionally mature up to the point where it is useful for other people. In this talk, we will discuss what constitutes the productisation in the academia and in the industry, based on the speaker’s personal experience in both academic artefact evaluation and industrial software development.

15:00–15:10 PhD intro talk: Bas van den Heuvel (University of Groningen)

15:10–15:20 PhD intro talk: Carolin Brandt (Delft University of Technology)

15:20–15:30 PhD intro talk: Jacco Krijnen (Utrecht University)

30 min. break (social chat open)

16:00–16:30 Cynthia Kop (Radboud University) — Proving program equivalence using constrained rewriting induction: Term rewriting is a field within theoretical computer science with a long history, with applications in many different areas. In this presentation, we will explore how techniques from term rewriting can be used in equivalence analysis of imperative programs.

16:30–? Social chat open, `bring your own drink’


Please register ASAP (we just ask for your e-mail, first and last name, affiliation, and background (IPA / non-IPA, PhD student / staff member).

Registration closes Wednesday March 24th 13:00, after which the meeting link (likely MS Teams) and details will be sent around.

IPAndemic online events beyond March

We are hoping for a second online event in mid-April; this one will be instead of a course week day, and likely on a Formal Methods topic.

A third event, a multi-talk one like the March 26th one, will be held in May.

After this, we plan to offer 1–2 short days or half-days every 3–4 weeks, alternating between tutorial/`course days’ and symposium/`Fall Days’.