Dissertation Series

If you are an IPA PhD candidate about to finish your PhD thesis, please note that IPA maintains a list of dissertations, the IPA Dissertation Series, consisting of all PhD theses written in an IPA research group under the auspices of an IPA researcher.

The IPA Dissertation Series helps in promoting your research within IPA and provides individual PhD researchers the opportunity to reach a large audience. Moreover, dissertations included in the dissertation series are eligible for the IPA PhD Thesis award which was established in 2013.

IPA encourages its PhD candidates to include their thesis in the IPA Dissertation Series. If you’re about to finish your thesis, following the easy steps below is all you need to do.

  1. you must include the slogan that the `work in the thesis has been carried out under the auspices of the research school IPA (Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics)’ and you must include the IPA Dissertation Series in the back (see instructions below).
  2. you send a hard copy and a digital copy (pdf only) of your PhD thesis to the IPA office.


To obtain a number in the IPA Dissertation Series, and the LaTeX file containing the list of theses in the series that has to be included in the back, ensure that your thesis has been approved and a date for the defence has been settled. If so, send an e-mail to the IPA office, providing the following information:

  1. the title of the dissertation.
  2. your name (including all your initials), and the names (including initials) and titles of your promotor(es) and, if applicable, co-promotor(es).
  3. the date, time and location (university) of your defence.
  4. a plain-text (ascii) abstract or summary of your thesis.
  5. (optional, but recommended) send us a jpeg image (size 173×250) of the cover of your thesis so that we can include it on the webpage, link to your thesis and promote your thesis.
  6. (optional, but recommended) a persistent link to a webpage uniquely identifying your science-you, such as, e.g. through ORCID or scholar.

You will then receive the required LaTeX file by return e-mail. Afterwards, but as soon as possible, also send an e-mail to the IPA office with the final version of your thesis in PDF format.

If you, perchance, need the IPA logo for inclusion in your thesis, you can download it from here in encapsulated postscript, postscript and pdf format.