IPA maintains a moderated mailinglist for its members. The list is used solely for:

  1. Announcing IPA courses, events and related news,
  2. Announcing national events, such as workshops associated with (IPA) PhD defences and national events organised by other national institutes (e.g., NVTI, ASCI, SIKS, etc.),
  3. Announcing (inter)national summerschools (or any season), and (inter)national awards,
  4. Announcing vacancies such as PhD, postdoc and staff positions, both nationally and internationally.

Posting to the mailinglist

For posting to the mailinglist, send a message to ipalist at Note that non-subscribers can send to the mailinglist, too. The mailinglist is flushed on a regular basis. Messages that do not fall in one of the above four categories will be discarded without notification. Call for papers and call for participations for international conferences and events are better directed at mailinglists such as the concurrency mailinglist, the SEWorld mailing list, the DBWorld mailinglist, etc.

Becoming a member/Subscribing and unsubscribing to the mailinglist

Depending on whether you’re a PhD student or not, you can subscribe to the mailinglist as follows (note that we moderate the subscriptions):

  • If you’re a PhD student in an IPA group, you can subscribe to the mailinglist by filling in the information found in this webform; this subscribes you to the ipapromovendi sublist. Moreover, we use this information to formally include you in our membership database.
  • Staff members of IPA groups can subscribe to the mailinglist by filling in this webform; this subscribes you to the ipawetstaf sublist.

One can unsubscribe from the mailinglist by visiting the web interface at where X is the sublist you’re subscribed to. Do not send subscription request commands to the mailinglists: these tend to be ignored.